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[Classes begin 7:45 PM]

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August 30, 2008

Special Entertainer
Yoseph Needelman
with stories, songs and words of inspiration

Sunday - Scholarly Lectures - 7:45 PM

August 31 Professor Nathan Aviezer, Ph.D.
Reconciling Torah and Science
The Creation of the Universe

September 7 Professor Paul Eidelberg, Ph.D.
The Jewish Roots of the US Constitution

September 21 Dr. Judith Guedalia
Director, Neuropsychology Unit Chief Psychologist
Shaare Zedek Medical Center
Ben Sorer U'Moreh (Rebellious Child):
An Old Solution to a New Problem? Dysfunctional Parenting

Monday - Mysticism - 7:45 PM

Lecturer: Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, Ph.D.

September 1 What does the Kabbalah say about 9/11?

September 8 Demystifying the Mystical - What's a Soul?

September 15 Do Jews believe in Reincarnation?

September 22 Is Wearing a Red String Powerful?

Tuesday - Self Improvement - 7:45 PM

Lecturer: Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, Ph.D.

September 2 You are Indispensable

September 9 Love the Jewish Way

September 16 Making Friends

September 23 Loneliness - You are not alone

Timely Weekly Torah portion Lessons - 7:45 PM

Friday Night / Shabbat Day - Walking Tours of Jerusalem Cultures

Visit the various Jerusalem communities. Whether itís the Hasidic synagogues of Mea Sheaarim or the secretive locations of Jerusalem Kabbalists, this once-in-lifetime experience will leave an indelible impression. Give yourself and family a true Jewish cultural trip by coming along.
Fee - Reservation by Friday midday.

Saturday Night - Entertainment - 1 1/2 hours after Shabbat

The Jewish Cultural Museum offers "kosher" entertainment each Saturday night. Turn your Saturday night fever into holy positive energy. Come alone or with your spouse and relax in our museum atmosphere.
Cover charge: 25 NIS

One-on-One Learning

Give yourself a once in a lifetime opportunity by studying Judaism - Torah with your own teacher, anytime that's convenient for you.

Saturday Night Entertainment »

August 30th 9:00 PM - Opening Saturday Night Celebration
with special guest entertainer Yoseph
with stories, songs and words of inspiration

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