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Children's Activities

Mesibat Shabbat

Children programsOur volunteers offer Shabbat afternoon children's gatherings with stories, Parsha review, songs and refreshments. All children enter a raffle for Prizes.

Shabbat Afternoon 3:30 PM - Children's Mesibat Shabbat - boys and girls ages 5 - 12.

Holiday Preparation

Special pre-holiday activities, such as challah baking, Pesach cleaning tips and other Yom Tov hands-on projects are available at the JCM.

Mitzva Projects

Children programsWe offer hands-on mastering of Tzitzis & Talis making, Tefilin Knotting, Lulav & Esrog binding, Haggadah & Seder instruction and Shofar blowing.

Tzivos Hashem Programs

The JCM administers the Jerusalem Region's Children's Program division of the world famous Tzivos Hashem. We benefit from all the wonderful programs Tzivos Hashem offers.

  • Stump the Rabbi!
  • Services for Shluchim & Baalei Battim
  • Order Shabbos Meals!
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