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Donate & Dedicate


Donate and DedicateDonating Tzedaka is a mitzva. Contributing funds to a cause in Israel is even greater.

We offer dedication opportunities such as Sefer Torah donation, naming a building or classroom after a loved one, dedicating a library with Hebrew and English seforim, supplying the holy artifacts for the shul such as the bima, aron, and chazan’s stand with it's covers, and purchasing siddurim, chumashim, machzorim and bentchers in honor or memory of a family member.

Dedication Opportunities

  • Siddurim - $25 each
  • Chumashim - $25
  • Machzoirim - $25
  • Tanyas - $18
  • Other Seforim - $25
  • Event Sponsor - $100
  • Friday Night Meal Sponsor - $180
  • Shabbat Kiddush – Large - $180; small $100
  • Saturday Night Melave Malka - $180

Shul artifacts like Bima, Aron Kodesh, Rabbi’s stand, etc, please call for details

Sefer Torah Donation - Call the Rabbi

USA Tax Deductible Charity

Chabad of North Bay, Inc is the Jewish Cultural Museum’s USA 501 © 3 tax deductible organization. We opened our doors to charitable work in 1986. If you’d like your donation to be tax-deductible please write your check to Chabad of North Bay, Inc and in the subject line specify for which particular program it’s for.

Israel Non-Profit Charity

In Israel our legal non-profit organization is Mosdos Aron and Miriam – Machon Miriam. Should you desire a tax-deduction in Israel please make your check out to Machon Miriam.

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