JCM is a living memorial for Miriam bas Reb Chaim Yaacov Dalfin of blessed memory

Your passport, to the living, authentic world of Chasidism

Cultural Museum

Kabbalah Timeline

Kabbalah TimelineThe JCM will display a timeline of the Kabbalah from its inception through modern day. This will include a detailed description of most prominent kabbalists, rabbis and scholars of the Kabbalah, their works and accomplishments. The Timeline will allow the museum visitor to walk away with a feeling that it's authentic and relevant to their daily life. The historical overview will link the past to the present.

Jewish Cultural History

Jewish Cultural HistoryThe Jewish people were chosen by G-d over three thousand years ago. G-d’s revelation at Mount Sinai through Moses his emissary imbued each Jew with a feeling of humility and gratitude. To be chosen means to be responsible. We at the JCM take this responsibility seriously. G-d desires we be a light onto the nations through sharing, educating and teaching non-Jews the culture, history and laws G-d relegated for them. Many non-Jewish groups visit Israel yearly. At the museum we open our hearts and minds to them through displays, lectures and personal attention.


GarmentsJerusalem's Kabbalah and Chasidic communities offer various garments that have deep mystical meaning. At the JCM, you'll see a display of these garments including various head coverings, girdles, hats and robes. Each color and style has a Kabbalah association.


ArtifactsThe Jerusalem Cultural Museum will display different ancient Torah artifacts. These include blessed money, coins, household items and Kabbalah aides

Holy Books

Holy BooksJudaism has thousands of holy books from various cultures past and present. Many of these books are out of print. At the JCM we'll have a computer program showing these out of print holy books and display some of the ones in print.


ManuscriptsThe Jewish Cultural Museum has several ancient manuscripts. These are available for view. These unique items are part of the Jewish culture throughout our history.


AmuletsSeveral holy Kabbalists used money and other items as amulets for good health, wealth and other human needs. At the JCM these will be displayed.


Reincarnation There will be an optional presentation exploring your purpose in life using the Torah's teaching of Reincarnation view as a guide.


Regression The Jewish Cultural Museum specializes in educating humanity about Judaism’s wonderful cultures. This is done through workshops, classes, video presentations and a guided tour of the museum’s various cultural displays. We have arranged the museum displays to incorporate visitors from other faiths.

Gift Store

Gift StoreSome of the JCM items will be available for sale including blessed dollars and holy books.

Cultural Art

PKT- Personal Kabbalah Trainer At the museum we have art throughout the facility. Our art includes pictures of rabbis and kabbalists from Sephardic and Ashkenazic cultures as well as art depicting the life of different Jewish communities and their culture. We also have a collection of Kabbalah Art from some of Israel’s most famous artists the likes of Yael Avi-Yonah, David Gafni, Boruch Nachshon and Dov Lederbe rg. Our exquisite art is an educational tool for people of all cultures, Jewish and Non-Jewish.

Youth Education

Youth EducationThe JCM understands the importance of educating young children and teenagers with cultural Torah values. These values give the students the means to improve their self esteem, feel confident as Jews and not be influenced by negative peer pressure. The JCM encourages tour operators, travel agents, parents and others to encourage children and teenagers to visit the museum. They need to know that the JCM is for them as well.

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