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Lectures & Classes

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Daily Private classes

[Appointment only and Fee].

Our expert teachers are ready to learn with you on any topic of your choice, from Alef Bet to Zohar. We offer Personal Torah Trainers who -like your personal physical trainer - meet with you in the place of your choice or in our "Torah gym" to increase your mind's flexibility, stamina and strength in Torah.

Weekday Men's Kollel

[9-11 AM - Sunday - Thursday - Fee - RSVP only]

Lctures9-10 AM - Mysticism - In-depth study of various chasidic discourses delving into the mysteries of life. The text based class will also explore fundamental teachings of Chasidus & Kabbalah.

10-11 AM - Halacha - Learn Jewish Law's approach to contemporary issues from the original Code of Jewish Law text, written by Rabbi Yosef Caro and the Shulchan Aruch HaRav, authored by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

Weekly Classes - 7:45 PM -
open to men and women

LcturesVarious weeknights you'll have the opportunity to delve into subjects of Jewish learning from a Talmudic and mystical perspective. Some of class highlights include: Self-Improvement, Kabbalah, Education and Faith and Trust in G-d. Our lecturers are highly educated with many years experience teaching adults of all backgrounds.

Lunchtime Learning - 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM - Sunday - Thursday

Take time out of your business regime for a refreshing Torah lunch. Drinks will be available. This learning session will be followed by the afternoon Mincha Tfila.

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Mysticism Classes Monday - 7:45 PM

Traditional Kabbalistic concepts is taught Monday nights and includes topics such as Reincarnation, Death, Past Life Regression and Soul Destiny. Explore Torah's authentic view of life's hidden secrets with us in our Torah-true atmosphere.

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Seminars by special guest speakers several times a year cover topics in depth. For scheduled topics, check the classes schedule.

Weekend Retreats to Tzfat and Bat Ayin

Take a break from the workplace on one of our family- and singles-friendly retreats for a spiritual vacation and an educational workout. For schedule and cost of program please contact us.

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