JCM is a living memorial for Miriam bas Reb Chaim Yaacov Dalfin of blessed memory

Your passport, to the living, authentic world of Chasidism

Rabbinic Services

Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, Ph.D. was ordained through the Central Yeshiva, Tomchei Temimim, in New York City. As founder and head of JCM-Beis Miriam, he is available to you for the following services:

  • Weddings & Funerals
  • Bar Mitzva & Bat Mitzva Training
  • Divrei Torah and officiating at your Simcha
  • Master of ceremonies and keynote speaker at graduations and other organizational events  
  • Brit Milah – words of inspiration talk
  • Yahrtzeit & Kiddush remarks about beloved’s memory
  • Melave Malka & Farbrengen evening with stories, niggunim & words of inspiration
  • Counseling
  • Mashpia – Spiritual Guide
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  • Stump the Rabbi!
  • Services for Shluchim & Baalei Battim
  • Order Shabbos Meals!
  • Chasidim, Kabalists, Rebbes Tour Reservations