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Supporter Services

Shluchim & Baalei Battim ServicesWe understand the needs of supporters of synagogues and other Jewish institutions. We offer a full array of services to make their visit to Jerusalem as smooth as possible.

These services include:

Bar & Bat Mitzva Celebration

The Bar & Bat mitzvah may start at the kotel and continue in our center, where the bar & bat mitzvah boy or girl will deliver words of inspiration. They will recite the 13 principals of faith among family and friends. Enjoy a warm kiddush or another festive meal.

Kaddish & Yahrtzeit Observance

Some people come to Israel to celebrate their parent's yahrtzeit. At the JCM's Shabbat minyan, Beis Miriam, we give them an opportunity to feel at home like in their own synagogue. They'll have an opportunity to sponsor a Kiddush or another festive meal in memory of their loved one and have all the congregants wish them well.

Shabbat Meals

Shabbat meals to be eaten in our Center featuring the highest standard of kashrut are available by reservation for US$36.00 per adult per meal and US$25.00 per child per meal. For meals requested without advance reservation of two days, please add US$5.00 per meal.

Shabbat Minyan

Beis Miriam the JCM's center provides an atmosphere that makes the congregant feel at home. The warm prayers with melodies and words of Torah are is a home away from home!

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