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Singles Events

LcturesWith an ever increasing Jewish singles population the JCM has dedicated itself to stop the epidemic. We do this through encouraging singles to attend our classes and Shabbatons and when available use our Shadchan services. We are in touch with people worldwide in scouting and introducing you to possible shidduch candidates.

Saturday Night

[1.5 hours after Shabbat - Cover Charge 25 NIS.]

Saturday Night Program »

On Saturday night the Jewish Cultural Museum will be open to singles and others to meet in a kosher environment. These gatherings will be informal and at times include kosher entertainment. For more details contact us.

Weekday Nights - 7:45 PM

Monday Night Program »

Evening coed classes during the week are an excellent opportunity for singles to learn and find a soul mate in a Torah atmosphere.


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Celebrating Shabbat with a warm Chasidic davening followed by a scrumptious meal creates the proper setting for singles to meet. We encourage singles to be pro-active and exert effort and attend these weekends.

Match-making Services

Shadchanim are available on a fee-for-service basis. Call for details.

Cultural Tours

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Another meaningful way to find your soul mate is to be connected to holy people. We arrange consults with a number of Rebbes who are skilled in helping you to find your bashert.

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